Nothin' but Soul & Film in Marfa, Texas

I am headed to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for my third wedding of the year!!! I cannot wait to squeeze and love Fernanda & Shane on the day they say “I do.” Check back for this Viva Las Vegas wedding in June! haha

I was prepping for F+S and then I found these. I just had to post these film scans before I left.

I hope you get a glimpse into the magic of Marfa.

Marfa, a small desert city in west Texas, is known as an arts hub.

It is incredible. GO there. Take my words for it. You will not regret it.

The Chinati Foundation, founded by artist Donald Judd, displays huge indoor and outdoor installations on an old army base, and you can find art exhibitions that are one of a kind or extremely rare. The Ballroom Marfa arts center hosts exhibitions, concerts and the Marfa Myths cultural festival. Outside town is a viewing platform from which the mysterious orbs known as the “Marfa Lights” phenomenon can sometimes be seen. I have not been able to catch the Marfa Lights in my 4 straight summers in Marfa. One day it’ll happen tho, I just know it.

The first time I went to Marfa I was mostly a digital photographer, I previously had shot a roll or two. Then I met Clayton and then he actually made the formal introduction to film. In 2014 Clayton Austin’s Film Workshop changed all I knew about photography and being an artist. In turn it changed my whole life. I consider Clayton a mentor of sorts. We aren’t friends but he shares everything. He doesn’t apologize for the art he makes, ever. He also knows that being human is painful, and art is full of every emotion under the rainbow.

I just want to catch them all.

I have travelled to Texas every summer to have my spiritual walk-about with my film camera, walking through each years triumphs and pitfalls. I cannot tell you the peace it gives me to clear the air each April. It’s indescribable…. it’s… inimitable.

Stay At: El Cosmico

Eat At: Food Shark & Boyz II Men

Drink: Lots of Water

Do: Nothing and Everything - it’s Marfa!

The last workshop I attended was partially sponsored by The Find Lab. Jonathan is one amazing photographer and inspires us to be alive. Follow him, whatever he is doing, I promise you want in.

He treats his crew like Ohana, and keeps the art close to his heart. If you haven’t seen his work check it out. (name is linked)

This is where I met my wedding photographer and his beautiful wife. Can’t wait to share the session with Andy Carretto next—

—-here are some film pictures of beautiful people living and breathing in life, & film, in the middle of the Texas desert. Soul searching and feeling tiny or on top of the world depending on your mood.

Enjoy all the color and I promise more to come! xoxoxo



Film Scans Processed by: The Find Lab

Camera: Pentax 645N

Film: Kodak Portra 400