If we are already doing it…

Then Let’s pick companies in the wedding and photography industry that help save the planet! Even if it’s one thing. We all have choices. one luxurious event at time. Rhianna mercier is proud to put our carbon footprint in front of ALL of us, WE do Our best everyday to change the way we consume and what we purchase. We are plastic straw & bottle free company. We love collaborating with clients and vendors that feel the same.




Every order plants a tree where reforestation is most needed. We’ve planted 650,000 trees and counting. They source sustainable materials. All of their products are made with sustainable materials: from 100% recycled paper to bamboo.

They focus on the offset of their carbon footprint & they offset their carbon footprint through carbon credits, which put resources back into the planet. 
They design for the future & for all of us

They have been recognized by the EPA as a Top 10 Climate Leader, and are certified as a Green Business.

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Based on an idea that was first popular in Europe, Theye aim to create tableware, catering and baking supplies that are all high in quality, unique, elegant and eco-friendly. They offer a wide variety of eco-friendly dinnerware and disposable catering supplies, some of which include: platesbowlsutensilsstrawsserving trays and many more in retail and in wholesale!

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Random Acts of flowers


Random Acts of Flowers improves the emotional health and
well-being of individuals in health care facilities
by delivering recycled flowers, encouragement and
personal moments of kindness. We hope that you inquire about a service like this with your florist. If you would like Rhianna Mercier team can also transport flowers to the local hospital and hospice care the next morning for wedding based in the santa barbara county & ventura county area.

Let’s do it! Let’s save this beautiful earth!!

Let’s do it! Let’s save this beautiful earth!!