Weddings can be pricey...the end. Elopements not as much, but still, they can.  I know everything in the wedding world can be overwhelming, but I am here to help. 

When your wedding is over, the beautiful outfits are boxed away, the flowers are but a mere memory, and you can no longer remember the flavor of the cake or the wine, the photos.. oh the photos... they will bring you back.  Because photography has the power to move us. It is for this reason; I am so passionate and adamant that you find THE photographer/artist that fits your style and personality even if that isn't me. (I still hope it is though) haha

I’m honest, I am overly optimitic, I come with a ton of energy and maybe tooo many ideas.  I will not be the quiet girl in the corner on your wedding day (except during the ceremony.. of course! lol). But, I will know that you care about your photography and I will always do my best to capture as many moments as I can see. I will definitely go after the shot until I've got it and sometimes it works, but life is all about risk. I do not think I am for everybody, but I’m for the couple who wants to have a human connection and an experience.  They want to have some direction but has all the trust that I will intervene only when needed.  I’ll probably invite myself to rehearsal dinner if I can make it.  Because I want to get to know you, I want to feel a connection to you and your love story, the people who matter, and make it all as easy as possible. 

My aim is to photograph people full of life, spunk and passion on one of the happiest days of their lives, making art while they create memories. 

The investment.. it is in me, and I do take my job as your historian seriously. I have lots of techie stuff we can talk shop about, and contracts and insurance and all kinds of stuff. Let's have coffee and talk everything wedding.  

**For those who want a little more: Here's a great article about investing in your photographer:


With all that said.. my wedding collections start at $2200....for smaller weddings.  I really hope that we can find a way to get you the images you so deserve within the budget that you can afford. We can go over all the details over coffee. p.s. coffee is key Talk to you soon!