There once was a girl from the north..

Thank you for stopping by my web-page.. my name is Rhianna 

This is it.. I'm gonna get corny right outta the gate: this is a dream that has turned into reality. The about me section can be rough, which is why I am a photographer and not a writer, so I will just go ahead and spill it;

1. I am creatively messy

2. I love clothes that I will probably never buy or wear but dream about/look at everyday

3. I seriously drink a pot of coffee a day - iced or cold brew

4. I dream about travel everyday, just found out I can fly to Iceland for $99!!  Can you believe it! 

5. My "feed" is full of wedding stuff and more wedding stuff.

6. I might elope cause it will take me 5 years to plan my wedding.

7. I love helping people, I love making it easy on others, I definitely love being apart of a great team. 

8. I truly believe everyone has the best intentions and I go into every relationship with a full glass/ clean slate kinda attitude. People say I am grossly optimistic.

9. I have 9 lives and I have already used 5 of them.  Ask me more if you wanna know.

10. I chew on ice; I know.. I know.. Ugh it's horrible for my teeth! 

11.  I love to dance - any kind; all kinds, I just can't help myself.

12. I google song lyrics if I love the song

13.  I cannot bring myself to tweet.  It just doesn't fit in my life.

14. I love being a photographer; love.

 I think I decided to make photography my life's work because; I think I am a good listener, which in this line of work is very important.  My job is to “think outside the box," and listen to who you are and how you want the world to see your love story.   My goal is to give you wedding art.. photographic art; beautiful, high quality, visually stunning, appealing images that make you want to stop everything and look at them over and over. I tend to just make it work, at events things can go differently then planned.. (let's be honest, I could write a book) but I'm flexible, and you'll never see the sweat on my brow (unless it's Ojai or Palm Springs in August.. then I'm literally sweating-yikes!).

I pour my heart and soul into the photography, and I review every single image before releasing it to you. Every image is a reflection of you and myself.   I want you to love love love your images.. I want you to enjoy getting your portrait taken... I want you to get just as excited as me about each and every photo.  Life is fun and beautiful, and so is photography, so I hope your experience with me is exactly that.

I have been photographing people for over 8 years now, and I was lucky enough to attend Brooks Photography Institute 2011-2012, graduating with a certificate in professional portrait wedding photography.  I have been mentored and trained by some of the best, and I am forever grateful.  I work very closely with Anna Delores Photography as an Associate Photographer.  I attend workshops constantly to expand my art, and keep me up to date.  I am based out of Ventura, CA and I love to travel. #mybagsarepacked #letsdothis

I hope that this gives you a little insight into me, and I can not wait to chat with you!   I can't wait to hear your love story.. Let's get coffee!   :)

All the best,